• Great Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Geek

    By Alex on November 28, 2014
    We all have that lovable geek in our family whom everyone just loves to love. At the very least, there’s one at our places of work or study. You know…the guy who takes all our jokes and never holds a grudge? Although he is almost always on a tangent from social “normalcy”, we’ve always held him close and dear to […]
  • Grant’s Whisky Reveals the ‘Magic Fifth’ to Sporting Success

    By Alex on November 27, 2014
    When it comes to the ups and downs of sport it seems there could be a winning formula after all, according to research commissioned by family owned Grant’s Whisky, which supports sport at grass roots level. Professor of Sport Psychology, Andy Lane, has investigated the difference between winners and losers and has calculated that the likely recipe for success is […]
  • Introducing the Samsung SSD

    By Alex on November 27, 2014
    Recent research shows that the average person spends five days per year waiting for their computer to load per year. This is due to most consumers using Hard Drives, however thanks to Samsung SSD, they can now spend less time waiting and be more productive. Samsung have created two videos to further iterate the idea that Samsung SSDs can be […]
  • In The Spotlight Casio Edifice Watch

    By Alex on November 26, 2014
    Say hello to the eagerly anticipated Casio Edifice men’s analogue quartz watch, featuring a stunning black dial, stainless steel bracelet and chronograph movement. This is just one watch from the Casio Edifice collection, you can view their entire range online at: www.casio.co.uk/products/timepieces/edifice/ This is a classic round face with a timeless black dial and stainless steel bracelet. Measuring 51.5mm x 44.5mm […]
  • Mix it Up! 5 Versatile Things Every Fashionable Guy Needs In His Wardrobe

    By Alex on November 26, 2014
    There are a few clothing items that every fashionable man needs in his wardrobe. These items are brilliant because they look good and are incredibly versatile. Mixing and matching them with other wardrobe items will get you through any dress code or occasion. Here are some items you should have at the ready in your wardrobe at all times. A […]
  • Working Out & Getting Fit

    By Alex on November 25, 2014
    So, you’ve decided that you’re going to start working out and get fit. Great choice! Being active is a life altering choice that is going to really improve your health. But it has to come with some disclaimers, which some people choose to ignore. Frustrations When Starting Out You join a gym and you’re pumped with enthusiasm! Too bad you’ll […]
  • Man Flu a Phenomenon Not to be Sniffed at

    By Alex on November 25, 2014
    Man Flu a Phenomenon Not to be Sniffed at Particularly if you Hail from Cardiff  Blokes from Cardiff are the most likely to be struck down by ‘man flu’ this winter, according to a nationwide survey of women quizzed about their men’s sickness records. The Fishermen’s Friend survey of 1,000 women nationwide found that the typical Cardiff gent will suffer […]
  • How To Tie a Tie

    By Alex on November 24, 2014
    Ever wanted to know exactly how to tie a tie? This clever graphic by knightsbridgeneckwear.co.uk will explain how to tie anything from the classic Cross Knot, to the stylish Windsor Knot.